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Marine Upholstery

HAMM Upholstery can reupholster your boat also. 

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Masterfully Crafts Automotive and Marine Interiors Overview

Marine Upholstery is anticipated to take beating. Deck and cushions chairs are utilized frequently when living in a hot weather. The seams and materials should be capable of enduring the weather without splitting and cracking. And due to the fact that it is utilized outdoors and often gets wet, the material should also be capable of resisting moisture. It’s essential to select high quality marine fabric that is UV resistant as possible whether it is vinyl or canvas. To make it last, you need the best materials.we will personalize the new look of your car, Jet Ski, boat or motorcycle for your exact needs.

Boat interior repairs

Here are some of the features in marine upholstery you have to look for:

  • Waterproof
  • Mildew resistant and spill resistant
  • Fabric underside coating that resists moisture
  • UV ray resistant
  • Easy to keep clean and maintain
  • Seams made with nylon UV resistant thread
  • Resistant to the effects of salt water

Certainly there are cushions utilized inside the cabin. The material you select for interior marine upholstery must also be easy to clean as well as stain resistant. The possibilities of your spilling something on a boat are relatively high. Good quality marine material is essential to protect against spills. When selecting your marine material, you also want to take some other essential features into consideration.  It must be durable, water and UV resistant. What is more, the material must be eco-friendly and not generate noxious smell or odors.

Marine fabric utilized for cushion upholstery, custom awnings, boat tops, boat covers. The material is made to withstand the harsh UV rays and rough treatment. The elements are in direct contact with your boat upholstery.  You should buy the best marine fabric your budget allows, but be careful. There are materials out there that say they are marine, but are not up to the task. Talk to someone who understands the requirments of boat upholstery. Call HAMM Upholstery. We will be happy to assist you to get a boat interior of your dreams.